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The market for security ( or CCTV ) cameras continues to grow at a considerable rate. Historically, all such cameras were analog and were connected to monitor and storage systems via coaxial cables. There is now a rapid shift to digital cameras and digital image recording. The reasons are clear: better imaging, intelligent image processing and the benefits of fully networked integrated solutions. The digital choice is usually "IP" cameras, operating at 100Mbit/s, that connect to NVR‘s or video servers over Cat 5 or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

But why waste perfectly functional, already installed, coax cabling, simply to go digital ™ With the EqcoLogic EQCO875SC transceiver chip, IP cameras can use COAX cabling to transmit back to the NVR or server. The new approach from EqcoLogic also allows Power over Ethernet ( PoE ) to be bridged over the COAX link to provide ample power for the camera.

Image courtesy of the MOST Cooperation.

EqcoLogic offers reference designs for integration of the EQCO875SC device in adaptors or directly into cameras and NVR‘s. The reference design also provides the circuitry to port PoE power from the NVR to the camera - over coax. Distance covered is up to 180m for RG6 cable and 250m for RG11 cable.

Eqcologic also produces a sub system solution for IP over coax, FFastECoax-7501.2.

HD-SDI and HDcctv Standard

There is another approach for high performance surveillance cameras. The so-called "HDcctv" standard uses products and technologies from the digital TV broadcast sector to send surveillance images over coax cable. Speeds are typically 1.5Gbit/s, with an upgrade path possible to 3.0Gbit/s.

EqcoLogic‘s EQCO30R5 equalizer/receiver and EQCO30T5 cable driver/transmitter were developed for the TV Broadcast industry and are ideal to get maximum cable range is HDcctv applications. These devices support up to 3.0Gbit/s transmission speed and, at 1.5Gbit/s, can support cables of up to 200 metres. The two devices ( EQCO30T/R5) also support a control path or uplink from image recorder to camera - and also allow power transmission over the coax cable.

The EQCO30R5 and EQCO30T5 are used in a reference design for a HD-SDI repeater; We also sell a completed repeater the EQCO-SDI30-7502