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Professional Audio

Many professional audio applications use high speed data networking to deliver digital material across an extended physical space. Two principal applications are Public Address, where audio information is distributed within buildings, and Public Performance, where source sound is transmitted to a mixing station in a number of channels and then distributed to amplifiers and loudspeakers.

A related application is audio editing on a PC, typically with a "breakout box" that has the audio processing chips and specialist controls for mixing etc..

Image courtesy of the MOST Cooperation.

FireWire networking is well established in Professional Audio markets, although some systems use Ethernet and its derivatives. EqcoLogic supports these markets with its EQCO400T Equalizer for FireWire over long-haul UTP cabling and its EQCO875SC and EQCO850SC single coax duplex transceivers for both Firewire and ethernet.

Home Audio/Video Networking

Home networks for both data and entertainment content are slowly taking hold in high-end markets. Typically they are still professionally installed, although many vendors are seeking to penetrate more mainstream markets with self-install network solutions. AV networks are used to deliver audio and video to multiple TV's and loudspeakers.

Both FireWire and Ethernet are found in these applications and the EQCO400T, the EQCO850SC and EQCO875SC are used to support networking over UTP or single coax cabling.