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Mixed-Signal, Linear, Interface and Power Products to Complete Any System

Analog Products Created with Digital Designers in Mind

Our mixed-signal, linear, interface and power products are designed for seamless integration with our extensive portfolio of microcontrollers, digital signal controllers, microprocessors and FPGAs. These analog devices enable you to create complete systems while streamlining your development process and reducing your design risk. Well-known for our thorough documentation, we provide parts that work on the bench the same way they’re described on paper. We also provide evaluation boards to demonstrate functionality, an intuitive Integrated Development Environment (IDE), simulation software and other design resources to create a rapid design, prototype and test environment for all aspects of your system design.


Amplifiers and Linear

From the simplest to the most complex design scenarios, our extensive portfolio of amplifier and comparator products enables high-performance and low-risk solutions.



Connect your next design using wired or wireless solutions.  Our wide portfolio features the following options:


Data Converters

Our broad portfolio of proven, easy-to-use data conversion solutions can help you overcome signal-chain design challenges and bring your products to market.



Excellent options for MEMS- or piezo-based devices with varying drive requirements, our rich portfolio of High-Voltage (HV) devices ranges from simple MOSFETs to complex multi-channel HV driver ICs.


Power Management

Support your latest designs with our vast portfolio of innovative power solutions includingindustry-leading LDOs, switching regulators, PMICs, Digitally Enhanced Power Analog (DEPA) controllers, DC-DC controllers, MOSFET drivers and more.



Whether you are measuring temperature or position, or implementing fan control, our extensive portfolio of single- or multi-channel temperature sensors and inductive position sensors provides key system control.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Solutions

Silicon Carbide (SiC) products improve system efficiency, support higher operating temperatures and reduce cost in your power designs. Our offering of products serves a broad range of high-voltage, high-power applications in industrial, automotive, medical, aerospace, defense, and communication market segments.

timing-devices-redTiming Devices

To meet the complex timing requirements for your low-jitter and low-power applications, we offer an extensive portfolio of easily configurable quartz- or MEMS-based oscillators and multiple-output clock generators. We also offer clock and data distribution products, including buffers, logic translators and multiplexers.

Analog and Interface Products Presentation

The Treelink Analog Product Presentation is a great discovery tool that provides an encompassing overview of all our analog and interface products. This interactive tool contains selectable links allowing you to quickly navigate to product-specfic information. It is available as an online web tool or as a downloadable PDF for your convenience.

Note: For faster navigation within the guide open the file with a PDF reader.

Reduce Design Time and Risk with MPLAB® Mindi™ Analog Simulator

MPLAB Mindi Analog Simulator accelerates circuit development by simulating analog circuits prior to hardware prototyping; resulting in fast, accurate analog circuit designs.